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Ludus : (lat) games
Merx : (lat) merchandise


As our name implies, Ludus Merx is dedicated to the manufacture of games and gaming merchandise.  Our primary concern is with Role Playing Games or RPGs and the paraphernalia that might go with them.  Basically this type of game consists of a bunch of people sitting around a table laughing for several hours.  Actual play and the reasons for such merriment do vary on the game itself.

Currently in the works are JumpForce, the game of super rabbits and super puns, Everyone Must Die, a free for all zombie apocalypse survival game which you won’t survive, and Rascals, the game of childhood mischief.   These games should be available by Summer 2011 so stick with us, it’ll be a blast.


Contributor Profiles


Ben: The big cheese, has been building, playing & running (GMing) Role Playing Games for over a decade and can twist metal with his mind. He is the creative force behind all of Ludus Merx; artwork, the writing and formating of our books and the design, building, and maintenance of our website. He is partially responsible for all Ludus Merx creations.

Kit: The reliable one, has been playing RPGs for six years, and has contributed to 12 separate games spanning 15 campaigns with 16 major characters, each with their own background, personality and genetic structure. He is partially responsible for, Jump Force, Rascals, and many more still in the works.

Dean: The betrayer, has successfully betrayed the in game party more times than anyone, EVER. He is responsible for EveryOne Must Die. Currently MIA.

Alex: He divides his time between music, work, games and heartburn. Alex's game is currently under construction. Currently MIA.

Michael: He has yet to have a character that has not become a twisted, grotesque abomination. Michael's game is currently under construction.

Ludus Merx